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American Barbell Black & Chrome Gym Bar - American Barbell Gym Equipment

American Barbell Black & Chrome Gym Bar

The American Barbell Gym Bar has a shaft made from precision-grade alloy steel tested at 190K PSI tensile strength.  This makes for a solid, durable training bar built for a range of lifts, including squats, bench press, deadlifts, rows and more.  The entire construction is finished in hard chrome for added durability and features a high-quality, precise knurl pattern for an excellent grip.

Note: the knurling on the Gym Bar does not fully extend to the inner side of the collar and the collar weld is non-recessed.  This may slightly interfere with plates resting fully flush (if there is no chamfer on the plates used). This bar may also ship with different AB branded end-caps.

  • Product Code: OB20-GB-B
  • Application: Weightlifting
  • Bushing System
  • Weight: 45LB
  • Diameter: 28.5MM
  • Center knurl: Yes
  • Shaft Finish: Black Zinc
  • Sleeve Finish: Hard Chrome
  • Tensile Strength: 190K
  • Made in the USA
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime*

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American Barbell Black & Chrome Gym Bar OB20-GB-B
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Product SKU: OB20-GB-B

American Barbell Black & Chrome Gym Bar