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Wood Gym Rings with Straps

American Barbell is proud to manufacture these beach-wood Gym Rings. These rings have an excellent feel when in use and offer the perfect grip for any ring exercise.

Straps are soft webbing and the extra width keeps the edges from digging into your arms during muscle-ups, dips, push-ups and other exercises where the strap comes in contact with your body. 


  • 2 Beach-wood Rings
  • 2 12' adjustable straps

12’ straps adjustable every 3 inches – exact length adjustments allow for fast changes and even rings every time

12’ length allows for high height use as well as push up and ring work close to the ground.  Safety lock carabiners for added safety (1.25”) width.


At American Barbell we strive to offer the safest products possible and provide our customers with the best safety protocols available. These products have hardware and other items that must be inspected daily for wear/tear and tightened if required. Pull any item from use immediately that shows any sign of loosening or wear/tear. Constant maintenance of all items and disposing of products with excessive wear and tear are imperative to avoid possible injury. To see safety documentation for this product, click here.


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Wood Gym Rings with Straps GR-WOOD
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Product SKU: GR-WOOD

Wood Gym Rings with Straps