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Compression Floss

Compression Floss

If you’re an athlete that's looking forward to improving your range, restoring joint mechanics, trying to heal previously injured tissue, then getting a compression floss tool will be your best choice.

Compression floss will help you decrease soreness and loss of motion after training, and will help you reduce swelling from previous injuries.

The compression floss can be used during a workout session, which will prevent you from injuries that can affect your overall health.


● Muscle building and healing - Compression floss is a great multi-purpose mobility tool that can help you increase mobility in a specific part of the body.

● Durable and long-lasting - American Barbell’s compression floss is made of premium quality 100% latex, which is manufactured to ensure long-term use and durability.

● Reduce swelling - Compression floss can quickly help you reduce soreness and decrease swelling that is correlated with injuries.

Compression floss will allow athletes to have full compression around the whole joint area and are excellent for hips, ankles, elbows, knees, shoulders and more.

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Compression Floss