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10-sided Urethane Dumbbell

We Don't Make Entry Level Products

Our all new 10-sided commercial-grade dumbbell was originally designed for U.S. Naval Ships. With a goal of not having dumbbells roll around on the gym deck when at sea. With the 10-sided head, you get the ease and benefit of round-head dumbbells, while gaining the advantages of an angular-head dumbbell's anti-roll properties. You can rest assured this dumbbell won't roll away from you if your gym floors aren't completely level. This dumbbell shares all of the world renowned features and construction as our Series-4 dumbbell, but with a different shaped head.

This dumbbell is made to withstand controlled training environments for many years and is one of the highest quality offerings on the market today! If abuse is imminent or training centers are non-supervised opt for our Series 1.

Custom logo designs are available upon request.

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Handle Style- Straight Medium Knurl

Tensile Strength- 90,000

Grip Diameter:
5-35LB: 32MM
40-100LB: 35MM

Additional Features

Additionally, this dumbbell features a solid steel core, medium-strength hard chrome plated handle, and a high-grade urethane head. A larger radius on the outside and inside edges make this dumbbell comfortable to use in any exercise, specifically when the dumbbell comes in contact with your body.



Premium German Urethane

The dumbbell head features black textured premium-grade German urethane bonded to a solid steel core; with easy to read numbers in gray. Our German Urethane will not dry-rot and is odorless. It is designed to hold up in high use gym environments, disinfectant cleaners and does not show the wear and tear that gloss and traditional dumbbells show.

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