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American Barbell Cerakote Training Bar

The American Barbell Training Bar is a solid, versatile barbell for just about any application.  We've tested it against the day-to-day demands of heavy training and it's proven to last.

The bar shaft is made from precision ground alloy steel and the strength of the shaft is tested with every shipment of raw material to ensure we have a consistent 190,000 PSI tensile strength. This attention to detail allows for an excellent whip and long-term performance of our bars.  The shaft is finished in Cerakote and the sleeves in hard chrome for added durability and corrosion resistance.  These bars have a crisp knurl pattern and offer a super solid grip. Our Training Bars also feature high-strength composite bushings used in aircraft and automotive industries for smooth rotation.

After many years of producing some of the finest Olympic barbells in the world, American Barbell is proud to introduce our latest innovation: Cerakote finished bars. Nothing ever produced rivals the corrosion and abrasion resistance of this finish. Cerakote is used by major firearm manufacturers around the world in some of the most abusive and corrosive environments. Corrosion salt spray testing has shown that this coating lasts as much as 70x longer than chrome and even stainless steel.

American Barbell's design team has been producing innovations in bar technology for more than 18 years, and this is one of our most exciting accomplishments. Every type of bar finish has its story, and we’ve determined that our Cerakote Training Bars are unrivaled. 

*Please note, the 15KG Pink Cerakote Training Bar features dual knurl marks.

  • IWF Specification
  • Made in USA
  • Warranty: Limited Warranty*


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Product Sku Price Qty
20KG - Zombie Green OB20-ZG
$ 295
20KG - Black Graphite OB20-B-CK
$ 295
20KG - Desert Sand OB20-DS
$ 295
20KG - Bazooka Green OB20-NBG
$ 295
$ 295
20KG - Navy Blue OB20-KTNB
$ 295
20KG - Titanium OB20-T
$ 295
20KG - Concrete Gray OB20-CG
$ 295
20KG - Gold OB20-G
$ 295
20KG - Orange OB20-HO
$ 295
Out of
15KG - Pink OB15-SP
$ 295
15KG - Yellow OB15-CKY
$ 295

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20KG - Zombie Green

20KG - Black Graphite

20KG - Desert Sand

20KG - Bazooka Green

20KG - USMC Red

20KG - Navy Blue

20KG - Titanium

20KG - Concrete Gray

20KG - Gold

20KG - Orange

15KG - Pink

15KG - Yellow