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CLOSEOUT - Women's SS Precision Training Bar

These are a mix of new and open-box bars.  All sales are final and there is no warranty coverage.  Bars may ship with blank/non-current end-caps.

The Precision Training Bar features a shaft made from precision ground stainless steel. The strength of the shaft is tested with every shipment of raw material to ensure we have a consistent 190,000 PSI tensile strength. This attention to detail also allows for excellent whip and long-term performance of our bars. Stainless Steel offers superior corrosion resistance and can be cleaned and repaired with no damage to the surface. Additionally, knurling set in stainless steel has a raw, crisp feeling that cannot be achieved with other finishes. 

The bar sleeves are precision welded to eliminate failure. The weld is recessed to not interfere with plates resting flush against the sleeve collar. Each sleeve is coated with hard chrome for protection against dropping.

This is an ideal choice for those looking for a multi-purpose precision barbell that will last through the ages.

  • IWF Specification
  • Made in USA
  • Warranty: None (closeout)

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15KG - Women's Bar OB15-SS-IWF-BLM
$ 495.00
$ 360 $ 495.00

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Product SKU: OB15-SS-IWF-BLM

15KG - Women's Bar