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Hex Dumbbells

Hex Dumbbells

These rubber Hex Dumbbells are a solid choice for alternating movements typically done with a barbell.  The chromed handle is nicely contoured for comfort and a solid grip during intense training.  

Available from 3LBS to 100LBS.

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technical Specs


3LB Pair

5LB Pair

8LB Pair

10LB Pair

12LB Pair

15LB Pair

17.5LB Pair

20LB Pair

25LB Pair

30LB Pair

35LB Pair

40LB Pair

45LB Pair

50LB Pair

55LB Pair

60LB Pair

65LB Pair

70LB Pair

75LB Pair

80LB Pair

85LB Pair

90LB Pair

95LB Pair

100LB Pair

Dumbbell Set: 5-50lbs (x5) - Pairs of dumbbells up to 50lbs

Dumbbell Set: 55 - 100lbs (x5) - Pairs of dumbbells from 55lbs to 100lbs