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Barbell or Bust

American Barbell Olympic bar and Bumpers

By: Doug Katona, CEO American Barbell

The barbell.  Arguably the most versatile and complex piece of equipment to get yourself fit and athletic.  Barbell training is the epitome of functional fitness.  Yet, many in the fitness industry are reluctant to incorporate it - makes no sense.  Plus it doesn’t cost a ton, even after you dress it up with accessories. And most importantly, if you take care of it, a quality barbell will last nearly a lifetime.

In a short amount of time, barbell training can be used to increase power, strength, speed and coordination. And now we have support that barbell training may be more beneficial than other forms of traditional training.  Check out this study.

What can you do with a barbell? Squat, press, deadlift, lunge, clean, row, curl and do midline (core) variations. Not to mention the numerous variations of the main weightlifting movements. It’s endless. And here’s another cool thing – the barbell is progressive in that there is no ceiling as you get stronger! Add more weight, learn how to move load faster, refine technique and build athleticism. There is no doubt that being strong has numerous advantages regardless if it’s weight loss or moving more weight as your goal.

Are you ready to step up your training to the barbell? If so, stay tuned because we'll be releasing training tips, programming, nutrition and more.  

This is just the beginning...

 - Doug K.


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Good opening blog entry. Got me pumped to train today. I love my American Barbell … barbell.

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