American Barbell Medicine Ball
We offer excellent quality and an excellent look with these American Barbell bouncing style medicine balls. In fact, they are specifically textured to promote an excellent grip and feel in your hands. Colored by weight. Medicine balls can be used...
from $ 24.95
American Barbell Slam Ball
Our slam balls have been designed to withstand consistent use over time. We have tested these on multiple surfaces and these slam balls are up to the task of handling hard training. Available from 10lbs up to 150lbs spanning user...
from $ 29.00
American Barbell Wall Ball
We oversee every detail on these hand-stitched beauties. The heavy duty, triple layer shell is well-balanced and offers maximum durability. These Wall Balls have a great feel and do not get slippery with sweat when in use.  The versatility of...
from $ 72.00
American Barbell Ballistic Wall Ball
American Barbell's Ballistic Wall Balls are durable enough to withstand your toughest workout plans. They are made with a ballistic material that is typically used in the manufacturing of bullet-proof protective gear.  In addition, because of the materials high tensile strength,...
from $ 138.00


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Flat Utility Bench
Specifications/Dimensions: Weight: 60LBS Length: 48" Width: 12" Height: 18" Pad: 2.5" Tested Weight: 1,200 KG (2645lbs)
$ 175.00
Multiple Adjustable Bench 0-75 Degree - Black Upholstery
Multiple Adjustable Bench 0-75 Degree - Black Upholstery Height: 18" (flat); 53" (with bench in vertical position) Width: 12"; Rear Base: 28" Length: 48" Pad Thickness: 2.5" Weight: 120LBS  
$ 575.00 $ 485.00
American Barbell Battle Bench
The American Barbell Battle Bench is a rugged staple for any gym or training center, and at a lower price.  With adjustability options ranging from 0-75 degrees (6 positions), this is your one-stop bench for a wide variety of exercises. ...
$ 500.00 $ 400.00

Jump Ropes

American Barbell Speed Jump Rope (Gold)
The American Barbell speed rope has an ergonomic handle for added comfort and grip during intense training sessions and features bearings for maximum speed, performance and maneuverability.  Its solid construction makes for a durable piece of equipment that is built...
$ 24.00

Plyo Boxes

American Barbell Wood Plyo Box - 30x24x20
This jump box is built for safe, effective plyometric training at any skill level.  Its puzzle piece design allows for flat shipping and easy assembly. Heavy-duty plywood and inner bracing system keep this box solid through heavy use.  30 x...
$ 155.00
American Barbell Soft Plyo Box
Our Soft Plyo Box is essentially a 3-in-1 tool with 20, 24 and 30 heights available. This versatile box is used by athletes and those in training to develop explosiveness, increase vertical jumping ability, and for promoting overall leg strength as well...
$ 225.00
Steel Plyometric Box Set of 12", 18", 24", 30"
American Barbell plyo boxes offer a stable platform and durability with square tubular steel construction and fully welded frames.
$ 399.00
Sold Out
Stackable Rectangular Plyo Box Set
Our Stackable Rectangular Plyo Box Set is a versatile box stack for athletes to develop explosiveness, increase vertical jumping ability, and for promoting overall leg strength, as well as its use for various conditioning exercises.It features an anti-slip design that...
$ 995.00


American Barbell Speed Sled
The American Barbell Speed Sled is compact, heavy duty and versatile. With the addition of the low push handle, the speed sled has everything needed for a quick workout. The handle and weight pin are removable, so the speed sled...
$ 199.00 $ 149.00
American Barbell Push-Pull Sled
The American Barbell Push-Pull Sled is heavy duty with multiple handles that are also reversible. It is great for parallel grip push, high push, low push and pulling with a track harness or strongman harness. Thick skis provide maximum durability...
$ 329.00
Low Push Sled
$ 199.00 $ 125.00
Low Push Sled
Low Push Sled - Grass Friendly Weight: 38LBS
$ 199.00 $ 125.00
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