American Made Olympic Weightlifting Workout
Bars Manufactured By American Barbell:

Every bar we offer in this line is designed and built by American Barbell in our Las Vegas facility. All materials are masterfully selected from 100% U.S. made suppliers for the correct application. Additionally, every aspect of this critical creating process is strictly adhered to. When you purchase a product from our Olympic Weightlifting line, you are buying bars that are used as serious precision tools with unparalleled quality. These are for the most discerning weightlifters requiring the best Olympic bar.

An Olympic bar is not something that just anyone with a machine shop and a lathe can produce—especially when you consider the extreme dangers of an incorrectly designed workout bar. We have more than 40 years’ experience in commercial fitness manufacturing and design and have a collective group of engineering experts unrivaled in their fields.

There is a reason we are the choice of top athletes, strength and conditioning experts and training centers—we do it better than anyone else.

A bar purchase is not something to be taken lightly and to assist you in your pursuit of the best Olympic workout bar for your application, we offer a wealth of technical information. We are always available to answer any technical questions you may have, and we welcome any competitive comparisons.