American Barbell Solution Services

Regardless of space or budget, American Barbell's Solution Services are in place to take our customers through a complete planning experience. We begin by identifying the goal of the facility, then target customer/trainees and work with the coaches, owners, and trainers to create a space with lifestyle fitness equipment that fits the training style, group/membership size, and training image of the facility. The quality of our service is superior to those offered by competing gym equipment brands, because we take into consideration every aspect of the project. 



Once we arrive at the goal of the facility we illustrate a projection of the space and look at the features of the room. Pillars, posts, walls, ceiling height, doors, windows and shape of the space are all taken into account. We then build a three dimensional drawing of said space, and fine-tune it with ownership and experienced training staff. Once we agree on the layout the equipment list is created and all accessory items are built out in order to ensure that nothing is left to chance. At this point we start the build process, choose powder coat colors, upholstery options, logo options and manufacturing begins.






Here at American Barbell we understand that every facility must differentiate itself and offer a higher value to its target customer base, anywhere from those seeking to expand with home gym fitness equipment to state-of-the-art training facilities. Knowing this and working with an open mind, we can consistently create facilities that fit the look, need, and concept of our customers, ensuring the best opportunity for success to all involved.