Training and Education

Real Experts, Real Education, Real Strength.

Doug Katona - CEO

Doug is often called the "Most Versatile Executive in Fitness" or "Fittest CEO on the planet" because of his integrated four-quadrant approach to fitness and well-being. A former baseball player who turned into a high-level cyclist, he has also become an Olympic Lifting athlete. He brings this athletic approach to building teams and running operations. He has been a successful gym owner and fitness consultant. As a featured speaker and educator, Doug has been recognized by Club Industry as one of the most influential figures in fitness. As the former Athletic Training Consultant to Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment (of the "Jerry Maguire" fame), Doug is also a well-known strength and conditioning coach. He created one of the longest running programs for Equinox (CrossFusion) as well as being the creator of World Gym Athletics. Doug's vision and strategic thinking is the driving force behind American Barbell's steady rise to the top of the fitness industry.

Sean Waxman - Director of Strenth Education

Sean’s experience as a coach spans 30 years, and what separates him from other experts are his exploits as an elite competitor and gym owner. As an athlete, Sean excelled as a national-level weight lifter and as a college football player, at the Outside Linebacker and Fullback positions. Sean’s unique perspective and knowledge of kinesiology and biomechanics led him to being inducted into the Strength and Power Hall of Fame and then becoming the Utah State Director for the National High School Strength Coaches Association. Sean also served as technical director on the U.S.A. Weightlifting Board of Directors.

From 2000-2010 Sean created and ran Pure Strength, a private training facility that developed high school athletes across multiple disciplines. Many of Sean’s athletes became champions not only in high school, but went on to compete at the highest collegiate level and were recipients of numerous NCAA Div-1A scholarships.

After Pure Strength, Sean opened Waxman’s gym in 2010 where he began to focus his talents in the world of Weightlifting. Under his tutelage, Sean developed two top-ten finishers at the World Weightlifting Championships, a World University Championship Silver medalist, two Pan Am Championship Silver medalists, and two Pan Am Championship team members. More than two dozen national-level weightlifters, including twelve National medalists and three national champions, have developed under Sean. Moreover, Sean's lifters have produced four American records, nine International medals, and seventeen National medals.

With his deep love and knowledge of strength training, Sean continues to produce championship winning teams and athletes across multiple sports and disciplines.

Dr. Robert Wildman - Director of Nutrition

Dr. Robert Wildman, PhD, RD, FISSN is Chief Science Officer for TYM Performance in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Wildman is the author of four books including Sports & Fitness Nutrition and The Nutritionist: Food, Nutrition & Optimal Health. He has also written more than 75 referred journal articles, chapters and abstracts on nutrition, performance and health aspects.

Dr. Wildman is an Advisory Board member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) and serves as adjunct research faculty in the Department of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University. He is the creator of and is currently penning his fifth book titled: BODequation. He is a regular guest expert on the radio program "One Life" in Dallas, Texas.