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Which Functional Training Bar is Right for You?

August. 18, 2017

A quick look at choosing the right weightlifting bar for your lifestyle.

A barbell is the most basic and fundamental piece of training equipment on the market-which is why choosing the right one is crucial to your success.  You need a quality bar that will stand the test of time, and finding one can be tricky if you’re not sure what to look for.  Let’s face it; investing in a bar for the first time can be scary.  American Barbell is right here with you, to ensure that you’re getting the most out of this investment!

Before we find you the perfect bar, we need to make sure you understand bar anatomy/common barbell terminology:

Shaft:  The bar itself, which is composed of steel with a chrome or Cerakote finish.

Knurl:  The rigid, patterned texture located on the shaft, which helps with gripping the bar.

Sleeve:  Both sides of the shaft where the weights are added.

Tensile Strength:  A quantifiable measurement of how well a material will resist breaking under tension, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Bushing:  Piece located between the shaft and the sleeve.  The bushing helps allow rotation of the sleeve.

Since you’re an expert now, we can get to selecting your bar. 


For those with a traditional weightlifting approach...

Maybe you are just getting started in the world of weights.  Or you are a classic lifter.  Either way, you like the feeling of chrome in your hands.  You don’t need fancy bells and whistles, you want classic equipment that will get the job done.  You don’t mess around.  For you, American Barbell recommends:

Training Bar

A tried and true classic, the Training Bar is a perfect beginning bar. With its traditional chrome manufacturing, this bar is extremely versatile and can be used for just about any application.  Basically, this bar is meant for everything from recreational lifting to Olympic weightlifting and competition.  We recommend the Training Bar to those needing a piece of equipment that can withstand the toll of day-to-day heavy training.

This single-knurl bar is crafted with precision-ground alloy steel and finished with hard chrome, which allows it to withstand slamming and dropping.  Each Training Bar is tested to ensure that it has the tensile strength of at least 190,000 PSI. A trustworthy Olympic weightlifting bar will typically have a PSI of at least 150,000.  At 190,000 PSI, this bar is an extremely reliable choice.  

Also noteworthy is this bar’s Classic Sleeve, which allows for smooth rotation around high-strength composite bushings, which are also used in both the automotive and aircraft industries because of their high quality.

The training bar is available in both Men’s and Women’s sizes, at 20KG and 15KG, respectively.

At just $275, this is an absolute bargain, especially considering the free shipping we have included for you!

Buy here:  https://americanbarbell.com/products/american-barbell-training-bar-1


For those who want precision and corrosion protection…

You are a gym buff in your own right, and you grind day in and day out, never making excuses or shying away from new challenges.  You take pride in pushing your limits and using equipment that will elevate your performance. For you, American Barbell recommends:

Ceramic Training Bar

The Ceramic Training Bar is available in both 15 and 20KG sizes with a vast selection of color choices that will take your gym’s aesthetic to the next level and allow your gym to have a more personalized look.  With this bar, you don’t have to worry about the color wearing down or rubbing off onto you; this shaft is sealed with the same top-of-the-line ceramic coating used by major firearm manufacturers.  We pride ourselves in assembling all of our Olympic bars here in the United States, and carefully selecting each element that goes into the construction of our bars.

Similar to the classic Training Bar, this single-knurl piece is tested for 190,000 PSI.  In addition to staying bright and colorful, this shaft will prove steadfast while being dropped and beaten.  The Ceramic Training Bar looks great and will outlast competitor bars because of its corrosion protection.

The Ceramic Training Bar is available in Zombie Green, Black Graphite, Desert Sand, Bazooka Green, USMC Red, Navy Blue, Titanium, Concrete Grey, Gold, Orange, Pink and Yellow for $295.

Buy here: https://americanbarbell.com/products/american-barbell-cerakote-training-bar


For those who LIVE to lift…

You plan your entire day around getting in your lift.  You are an animal.  You want a bar that will work just as hard as you do, with cutting-edge precision and extreme durability, because you’re extremely passionate about getting your pump.  For you, American Barbell recommends:

The California Bar

This Olympic Weightlifting bar is the perfect choice for those who are serious about weightlifting that we offer here at American Barbell.  This bar makes other bars quiver in fear. Why?  It all comes down to the materials we use to craft it, but especially one in particular: Cerakote.  We are the first gym equipment brand to market Olympic-level bars finished in Cerakote.  The California bar is sealed with an industrial Cerakote coating, which has undergone military-grade testing and is proven to be extremely corrosion resistant in the harshest of environments.

A couple more factors that set The California Bar apart from other bars is the high-end Precision Sleeve, which smoothly rotates over high-strength composite bushings.  This bar also boasts dual knurl rings, which will ensure that you don’t lose your grip.  With 190,000 PSI tested on each and every California Bar, the durability of this piece is unmatched.  If you are a more serious athlete and concerned about the general performance of a bar in the Olympic weightlifting category, you have come to the right place.

The California Bar is available for $335 and comes in both Black and Zombie Green.

Buy here: https://americanbarbell.com/products/california-bar



In conclusion, the perfect choice for a beginner or those wanting an extremely versatile, traditional and sturdy bar is the Training Bar.  The Cerakote Training Bar offers the same durability as the training bar but brings a wider color selection to the table along with amazing corrosion resistance.  A serious gym-goer or competitive lifter will be completely satisfied with the California Bar, which boasts a Cerakote coating and yields a high-end precision sleeve.  That said, you won't go wrong choosing any of these American-made barbells.

Team American Barbell

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