Flight Series Plate Loaded Vertical Leg Press

Flight Series Plate Loaded Vertical Leg Press


The Flight Series Vertical Leg Press by American Barbell is a cornerstone for progressively
overloading the legs, from a lying down, but with height adjustable position.Equipped with 4 arms to load plates, it allows lifters to train heavy—safely—targeting the quads, hamstrings and glutes with maximum isolation and activation. In place of the traditional flip in, flip out racking mechanism, you simply push down on the locking arms to secure the stop lever— providing a safe, intuitive way to begin and end your sets. Easy and tactile seat adjustment lets you get in the proper position quickly and safely.Available in classic Matte Black finish for superior durability and timeless design. This is also one of the more attractive looking leg presses in the market, so it’ll be a showcase!


Product Specs

  • Length: 94 inches /239 cm
  • Width: 55 inches /140 cm
  • Height: 56.5 inches /144 cm
  • Training Area Requirement: same as
  • Weight: 556 LBS/252 KG
  • Number of Weight Storage Pegs: 4
  • Number of Adjustments Available: (3) Carriage stop positions, (2) seat angle positions
  • Steel: 11-Gauge
  • Max Weight Load: 1080 LBS /490 KG
  • Max Weight Storage: 600+ LBS/275+ KG
  • Weight Storage Peg Material: Stainless Steel

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