Flight Series Plate Loaded Low Row

Flight Series Plate Loaded Low Row


The Flight Series Plate Loaded Low Row by American Barbell is a robust and bio-mechanically sound machine that is designed as an effective alternative to the dumbbell and seated row. With an optimum angle, and with multiple grip options to allow for a variety of ‘pull’ degrees, this is a versatile low row piece. Single arm mechanics allow for maximum muscle isolation and activation. Easy and tactile seat adjustment lets you get in the proper position quickly and safely. Available in classic Matte Black finish for superior durability and timeless design.


Product Specs

  • Length: 61”/155 CM
  • Width: 50.5”/128 CM
  • Height: 67”/170 CM
  • Training Area Space Requirement: same as footprint
  • Weight: 345 LB/156 KG
  • Grip Diameter: 1.25"/32 MM
  • Steel: 11 & Gauge
  • Max Weight Load: 992 LB/450 KG
  • Max Weight Storage: 600+ LB/275+ KG
  • Number of Weight Storage Pegs: 4
  • Weight Storage Peg Material: Stainless Steel 

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