American Barbell Club Strength Plates (1" DIAMETER HUB/INSERT)

American Barbell Club Strength Plates (1" DIAMETER HUB/INSERT)

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Revolutionize your weightlifting experience with the American Barbell Club Strength Plates, introducing a unique urethane surface as an advanced alternative to conventional rubber. As industry pioneers in the use of urethane coverings for weight plates, American Barbell employs German-engineered urethane, celebrated for its exceptional durability and absence of the typical rubber odor. These plates are meticulously designed to be scuff-resistant, thereby minimizing damage to floors and equipment even in cases of accidental drops.

Featuring large T-grips, these plates simplify the process of loading and unloading on the bar, elevating safety and efficiency in your gym setup. The American Barbell Club Strength weight plates boast a slip-resistant texture, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip during use. Whether for professional gyms or home fitness enthusiasts, these plates establish a new standard in weightlifting equipment.

American Barbell Club Strength Plates pair perfectly with our T-Grip Lite Bars. These plates are available as 2.5lb. 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb options.

Urethane coating
1” diameter
T-Grip handles
Odor resistant
Very grippy

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