Axel Bar

Axel Bar

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The American Barbell Axel Bar represents a groundbreaking enhancement to your strength training arsenal. Featuring an unusually thick diameter, this bar is purposefully designed to amplify wrist and grip strength, adding a distinctive element to traditional lifting routines. At 7 feet in length, it boasts 16-inch loadable sleeves and a 52-inch collar-to-collar span, accommodating a wide array of exercises such as presses, rows, and deadlifts.

Engineered for multifaceted use and lasting durability, the American Barbell Axel Bar caters to athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and fitness enthusiasts. It's an indispensable tool for both home gyms and commercial fitness centers, aimed at those eager to push the boundaries of their strength and excel in grip and wrist endurance. Transform your training experience with this innovative weightlifting bar.

Weight: 20 pounds.
Diameter: 1.9 inches.
Length: 7 feet
Loadable Sleeve Length: 16 inches, allowing for weight plate accommodation.
Distance Between Collars: 52 inches, providing ample space for various exercises.
Construction: Made from 1.5-inch diameter pipe, ensuring robustness and durability.
Finish: Powder-coated for enhanced grip and corrosion resistance.

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