American Barbell Black Resistance Tubes

American Barbell Black Resistance Tubes

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Transform your home into a comprehensive gym with the American Barbell Black Resistance Tubes set. This all-in-one home gym solution comprises six durable and highly responsive resistance bands. It also includes essential accessories such as a pair of ergonomic grip handles, 2 Velcro straps, and a foam strap for secure door attachment, allowing you to simulate cable machine exercises.

The resistance bands in this set are equipped with a protective black covering for long-lasting durability. Soft foam handles ensure a comfortable grip during your workouts. Plus, each band features robust carabiners on both ends, making attachment changes a breeze and significantly expanding your exercise options. Elevate your home workouts with the American Barbell Black Resistance Tubes set, enhancing both convenience and versatility in your fitness routine.

Resistance Levels:
Extra Light: 1-5 lbs
Light: 1-15 lbs
Medium: 1-25 lbs
Heavy: 1-35 lbs
Extra Heavy: 1-40 lbs
Ultra Heavy: 1-50 lbs

Included Accessories:
6 resistance bands with varying resistance levels
2X grip handles
2 Velcro straps
1 Foam strap
Sturdy carabiners for secure attachment

Material and Design:
Protective Band Shroud: Black
Handles: Soft rubber for comfortable grip
Tube Material: Durable rubber for lasting use

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