Covered Resistance Bands

Covered Resistance Bands

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Upgrade your fitness regimen with our premium covered resistance bands, tailored for safe and effective workouts. Suitable for a multitude of settings, including home exercises, fitness programs, or when adding extra resistance to your gym workouts, these bands are perfect for use at the gym, home, or while traveling.

Key Features:

Enhanced Safety: Each band is encased in a robust protective cover, greatly extending its lifespan and ensuring safety. This design prevents damage from sharp edges on workout equipment, offering peace of mind during use.

Optimal Comfort: The covering on the bands not only guarantees durability but also provides a comfortable grip. Enjoy a smooth and secure touch during your exercises, elevating both your performance and enjoyment.

Flexible Usage: These bands are ideal for a wide range of exercises, seamlessly integrating into various workout routines, from strength training to flexibility exercises. Their versatility makes them an indispensable tool in your fitness collection.

Innovative Design: Our covered resistance bands are engineered with cutting-edge design and technology, meeting the demands of even the most challenging training environments.

BND-Micro (Orange)
Resistance: 2-6 lbs
Color: Orange

BND-Mini (Red)
Resistance: 5-25 lbs
Color: Red

BND-MonMini (Blue)
Resistance: 10-35 lbs
Color: Blue

BND-Light (Green)
Resistance: 30-50 lbs
Color: Green

BND-Ave (Black)
Resistance: 60-85 lbs
Color: Black

BND-Strong (Purple)
Resistance: 80-100 lbs
Color: Purple

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