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Swiss Multi-Grip Bar

The Swiss Multi-Grip Bar is excellent for pressing and rowing movements while decreasing the stress on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.  It can be used for bench press, incline press, rows, overhead presses, curls, triceps extensions and many other movements.  it is also great for Football training.  Knurled handles provide additional grip and comfort during training.  


-Features & Specifications:

-Fully Welded Swiss Multi-Grip Bar

-4 Neutral Grip, 2 Angle Grip Knurled Handles: 1.25” diameter

-Weight: 42 lbs

-Olympic Sleeves: 1.91” diameter, 16” loadable length

-Rackable on most standard power racks (52” distance between collars)

Applications: Bench press, floor press, lockouts, JM press, shoulder press and more

The ProLoc Strongman collar (purchased separately) is specifically designed to fit the 1.90 standard diameter of the bar sleeves common on strongman equipment (fat bars, cambered bars, hex bars, safety squat bars, Log Bars, and farmers walk handles) This ensures greater safety and collar performance on all of your strongman bars.

Included:  1 Swiss Multi-Grip Bar.  ProLoc Strongman collar purchased separately. 

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Swiss Multi-Grip Bar