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Rope Wall Ball Target

Rope Wall Ball Target

Training wall balls are necessary for functional fitness competitors, yet most prefer wall painted targets that result in reduced accuracy when the competition season arrives.

It can be frustrating when functional fitness athletes aren’t able to maximize their skills due to the lack of machinery when it is most needed.

Training with American Barbell’s Rope Wall Ball Target solves this issue.

It can be easily installed and improve athletes wall ball accuracy, which will encourage them to build up their limits.


● Improve your functional fitness training
● Improve wall ball accuracy
● Adjustable to your preference
● Easy installation
● Essential for large training facilities and gyms

American Barbell’s Rope Wall Ball Target eliminates the repeated scuffing caused by painted wall ball targets and can enhance athletes skills due to its adjustable standard competition heights.

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Rope Wall Ball Target ECORG-RWBT
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Rope Wall Ball Target