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American Barbell Sled Strap


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The American Barbell Sled Strap is designed to hook up to your speed sled or power sled. It turns a regular sled training session into a total body workout. Proudly made in the USA from heavy-duty nylon strapping, this strap is super strong to handle as much weight as your body can move!

Pulling a weighted sled has many training benefits. It will increase your rate of acceleration as it trains your nervous system to fire more rapidly. Pulling a sled is also a great way to develop your functional strength. Your legs and arms work together in a coordinated action as you pull the sled forward. Sled pulling is a great exercise to strengthen the crucial muscles that make up the core. Sled training is also a fantastic conditioning exercise that will enhance your cardiovascular endurance. On top of all that, it will burn a ton of calories to help you get lean and mean!

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