Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks


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Size 3" X 6" X 9"

Whether you’re looking to free your body from stress and pain, or trying a new pose in your workout sessions, a yoga block can benefit your body frame in a variety of ways.

Lightweight foam blocks can provide the balance needed for your optimal adjustment and increase strength for your postures.

Yoga blocks are durable with a non-slip surface and have diagonal edges for easy gripping, which is an important aspect for any yogis.

The yoga blocks can be used under your feet, hands, or seat to ensure maximum support for your body’s frame and provide comfortability with your posture.

If you feel inflexible with your posture, grabbing a block would be a great idea to minimize future injuries.

Key features:

● Can provide balance during your movements

● Provides maximum support comfortably

● Minimizing future self-injuries

One of the best use cases for yoga blocks is for people who aren’t able to touch their toes.

Placing your hands on the foam will decrease the strain on your lower back by your body weight to your hands.

This will allow you to extend your flexibility and reach your toes.

If yoga isn’t your thing, yoga blocks can still be helpful in any kind of dynamic exercises in order for you to reach your goals (strength, flexibility, etc.)

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